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The Importance of the Codes of Conduct:

The legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade has had long term psychological and emotional affects that has spanned generations, the Jim Crow laws that spun out of the black codes after the emancipation proclamation was aimed at reinforcing the psychological programming, which is directly related to the discourse we are seeing in black communities to this day.

The shackles were removed from our bodies, but the shackles have yet to be removed from our minds. This is why “The Codes of Conduct for the Betterment of Black America”, provides a guide to reversing age old Willie Lynch mentality.

This reformation in black mentality will allow us to hold each other in high regard and accountability to one another, when we began to practice these codes, we do not have to call out our fellow brothers and sisters blackness in to question, these codes will determine which of us is promoting the well being and upward mobility of our communities and which of us are continuing the divisive programming that has been carried forward from our ancestors.

Mission Critical Objective:

In this book, it details our goals to pass an important milestone piece of legislation "Black American Indigenous Recognition and Support Act" to restore the wealth and economic upward mobility that has stifled Black Americans who are descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, we are on a mission to collect over six million signatures to sign the petition as a collective bargaining arrangement, if politicians want the black vote, we need to give them something for us to vote for, this legislative bill will change the lives of millions of Black Americans.

Revitalization Action Plan:

Black people cannot achieve upward mobility and economic sustainability without practicing cohesive group economics, without the mental transition black people need to make using the “Codes of Conduct for the Betterment of Black America”, making the leap to the next economic rung on the ladder will be a monumental hurdle to make as a people. Our non-profit organization “Black Network Associates” an urban economic development organization is founded upon Dr. Claud Anderson book PowerNomics, it is the blueprint for black America to lift itself up, using the principles of Group Economics, we have created an online community with built-in marketing systems, business tools, learning management system, a community of like minded business professionals all striving to flourish our local communities on a national level by practicing group economics.



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