1. What determines a Black owned business?

Any black owned, operated and oriented entities, including businesses, non-profit organizations, civic groups, social organizations, professional and trade organizations and affinity groups that share a majority of minority ownership.

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2. Why the focus is on black owned businesses?

Black owned and operated entities have disproportionately been affected by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 47% of black owned enterprises closed their doors permanently as a result. Funding came too little and too late, many were classified as non essential businesses, and did not qualify for funding sources, which resulted in devastating outcomes. We are making an effort to restore black businesses and the communities in which they serve to full economic restoration and beyond. See full details view your community page. Click here.
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3. Can home-based businesses be listed on BNA directory?

Yes, so long as it is a legally established entity that meets our guidelines for listing. Sole proprietors and independent contractors are encouraged to get listed. Listing is FREE and does not require membership to participate. Click Here for more information.
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4. Who owns Black Network Associates (BNA)?

Although BNA was originally founded and co-founded by Eric Culpepper and William Murphy, the organization is structured as a collective body, using the F.U.B.U. Philosophy of For Us, By Us. Every member within BNA, has the ability to establish their local chapter stimulate their communities through network referral partnerships, funding sources, local resources, tutoring, mentor-ship programs. Ownership is the power that makes BNA great it does not lie in the hands of a few, but in the hands of the many. See our Community page. Click HERE. for more information.
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5. Are all of the entities listed on BNA Directory Black owned?

No! Any company, organization and businesses in urban districts across the United States can be listed. We provide this FREE service as part of our revitalization action plan to help create additional exposure and visibility for those entities residing in underserved areas of the country.

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6. Why should I consider joining BNA?

There are many reasons to consider joining. With our online community, members can pass referrals in real time electronically, claim their FREE business listing on BNA online directory, with national exposure, hold virtual workshops, mentor-ship programs, business resources, build teams online virtually, start a chapter locally or both. Get connected to your team members in real-time, online learning management system, with courses covering various subject matter, from marketing, to economics, business strategies and much more. We have only scratched the surface of what is available with membership, but is truly a must see to appreciate experience. For a detailed overview of our community, please Click Here.

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7. What is the advantages of getting listed on BNA?

Google places listings for businesses is well known, but one of the draw backs, is that, without purchasing certain key phrases and adwords, it is not far reaching. Here is the advantages with being listed on the BNA Directory, you truly own your listing and how it is displayed to the world, you can upload documents to your listing to show your credentials, certification and accreditation. You have a national and local presence, you can interact with the vistors who engage with your listing, and again our listing is FREE to any urban business that qualifies to be listed, no membership required. All submissions for listing is moderated and reviewed for approval before being published, to get listed click here.
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8. What is involved with starting a virtual BNA chapter?

We make the process of establishing a BNA chapter very simple. Unlike other referral network organizations, we encourage our members to build their teams in the online community first to forge relationships, and making sure the industries they serve compliment each other as well, by sending members out without well establish relationships in place, in industries that are not compatible can be disastrous and costly. Also passing referrals electronically is the difference between getting an email, and paper mail by pony express, and for those members that are not computer savvy, this is why we have the online learning management center to gain a new skill set.
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9. What type of resources can I expect as a member of BNA?

There are many tools and resources we provide to help stimulate economic stratification for our members, tons of articles, publications, consult with online community for answers to questions in real-time, but the biggest hurdle we have seen is funding sources for minority businesses, we proactive research and look for all sources rather if by SBA micro loans, new stimulus funds, or through block grant funding sources, we broadcast to all of our members and provide step-by-step instructions when these windows present themselves, more often black businesses miss opportunities because of isolation and preoccupation of running a business, when we become a collective, a hive mind sort of speak, being in the know is being ahead of the curve when it comes.
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10. There are two member levels, what's the difference?

There are two options for new on-boarding members to choose. The monthly subscription of $12 per year allows members full access to all that BNA has to offer for one low price annually, this allow new members to see if BNA meet their expectations and delivers what IT promises. Then there is the annual subscription of $40 per month or $432 per year, for dedicated members that enroll in this option receives a 10% discount, which equates to 1 FREE month. JOIN TODAY!
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11. Can I contribute as a Non Minority?

Absolutely, we encourage everyone to patronize your local black owned businesses, we count on your support to keep us going. We can do more than just survive but thrive, with the backing of total community support. Check our BNA Online Directory for the nearest black owned business. Click here.
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12. Can my minority employees participate in BNA?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we encourage it. This is a three fold return for employers of Non-Minority run companies.
1) It helps your employees thrive by having the support of BNA
2) You inadvertently benefit from the success of your black employees
3) It secures black employees future when they are successful in their positions
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13. How does BNA help me as a Non Minority?

When black communities thrive, it benefit all communities as a whole. We are all connected although we may not operate as collective, other Non-Minority communities can benefit when more discretionary spending power exist in black communities. We are all stronger together, but first we must address the needs of the black community so then we can ultimately support all communities.
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14. What is the Alliance program?

Because we need allies, not adversaries, we need people to help us and not hinder us. We developed a program called the Strategic Alliance Partnership Program. We provide Non-Minorities companies that support our initiatives a badge of honor a plaque, wall signage or desk ornament. That shows your solidarity to stand with us in supporting BNA and ultimately the black community.
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15. How does BNA Differ from other Referral organizations?

BNA members have the ability to pass referrals locally or nationally by digital means, waiting for weekly meetings to pass a lead, is archaic in nature, the digital age and revolution will change the way referral organizations will conduct their business, we are the first generation referral network organization to adopt this approach, we believe there will be more to follow.
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16. How is Digital Revolution Impacting the Industry?

More people will adopt, digital networking in the future as the premier way to stay connected and speed up business development with less time, money and burden.[Go to top]

17. Why More Referral Organization will Adopt Digital?

Black Network Associates (BNA) is raising the bar on how referral organizations will conduct its business for members. With more people working remotely than ever today, there need to be systems in place that allows referring members a way to connect virtually.
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18. How Did the Pandemic usher in the Digital Age?

People were already working remotely, the pandemic sped up that process even more, restricting travel, and large gathering and mixer events [Go to top]

19. What is the Forecast and Outlook for Referral Industry?

We believe virtual chapters will ultimately replace local chapters, the process for referring digitally is more efficient than passing referrals physically.[Go to top]

20. What are some of the technology platforms within BNA?

Members will have many tools available, CRM, Customer Management Software, Website Development, Learning Management System, Zoom integration, Meeting Calendar (Tied to Google) and much more. (See FAQ #24) to see how advanced tech will improve business conditions.

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21.Is there technological advancements in the BNA Systems?

Yes there is, and we are always working on new technologies to make our platform even better.[Go to top]

22. Why Learning On Demand, how does it work?

We found that information is best acquired when it is on your own time and schedule, there are many subjects members can learn with our learning management system. It works by having courses, and information repository available on line anytime and any where. [Go to top]

23. How technology leverages time spent on networking?

We believe connectivity will be key in building a referral network, and will allow members less time, resources, and spending money on travel as the cost of fuel continues to go up.[Go to top]

24. Is it possible to grow business utilizing Technology?

Yes! Absolutely, advances in technology will allow more people access to opportunities that did not exist not too long ago. [Go to top]

25. Is there other cost associated with membership for BNA?

Yes! Only if you choose to open a local chapter, or purchase any BNA merchandise. This is completely optional but not required. [Go to top]

26. Is there cost for getting listed on BNA Directory?

No! If you meet the qualifications as a black owned, black operated, black professional or black oriented business, there never will be, although active members will have the ability to own their listings, and interact with people through their listing in real-time. Non-members can list, but will not have the privilege of managing or interacting with people regarding their listing.[Go to top]

27. What is the cost of membership?

Membership levels is $12 per year for BASIC, $40 per month or $432 per year with a 10% discount for Professional member level..[Go to top]

28. Is there cost for the learning system within BNA?

No! This is another added benefit of belong to our community, and will never be a cost to our members.[Go to top]

29. Is there cost for NOT joining BNA?

Yes! This may seem like a silly questions, but in reality the cost of not participating will continue to impact communities of color if we do not take a stand.[Go to top]



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