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BNA was born out of necessity achieving black excellence through collaboration and partnerships for a brighter future, starts with combining resources to bring about sustained economic growth and revitalization for black communities.

Who can JOIN


Black professionals employed by non black establishments. Examples include: Employed by Pfizer, General Motors Corp etc., as an Executive, sales or any professional capacity, such as sports, entertainment, civic, engineering, music and so on.
Privately-held for-profit enterprise with Black majority ownership. Examples Include: Charleston House, Positive Printz, Ballet Afrikana Dance Prep Academy
Non-profit organizations where greater than 20% of top management are Black. Examples Include: Action for a Better Community, Urban League of Detroit, Baden Street Settlement
Civic, socio-professional and trade organizations where greater than 40% of the population served are Black. Examples Include: National Black MBA Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, B.L.A.C.K.

A Collective Structure

Isolation can lead to desperation, being connected to other like minded people can turn despair into prosperity.

A Better Referral Organization

Our members have the ability to pass referrals locally or nationally by digital means, waiting for weekly meetings to pass a lead, is archaic in nature, the digital age and revolution will change the way referral organizations will conduct their business, we are the first generation referral network organization to adopt this approach, we believe there will be more to follow.
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Better Business Development

There is nothing more frustrating for black business owners than creating a stream of qualified leads, from paying for leads, to the dreaded cold call, over priced SEO and marketing programs that yield little to no results. We have developed a referral generation system that works, by connecting members to the business communities in which they serve.
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Sense of Community

Common + Unity = Community

BNA Strives to stimulate sustained growth and economic stability for the members of our community, we are committed to the continued operations of their establishments. We petition donations from around the country for to our Black Business Contribution Fund. 100% of those proceeds are put towards the economic growth of our member community. More often, black owned businesses need infusion of capital to help with inventory of goods, restoration of premise, payroll, taxes and the list goes on, and it is up to us to pull together to ensure capital resources are available when needed. MAKE A DONATION.
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States We Operate In

We are headquartered in Flint Michigan, and we operate in every State in the Union. It is our goal to have a chapter virtually or locally wherever there are people of color within the United States.
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How Can I Support BNA?


There are a number of ways to support and get value from BNA.   For Interested Partners:
  1. Donate
  2. Talent development and acquisitions
  3. Sponsor a program and/or event
  4. Grow you markets and local economy
  5. Provide membership incentives
For Interested Members:
  1. Become a member
  2. Become a mentor
  3. Add your business or non-profit to BNA directory
  4. Submit mission-focused content: articles, videos, podcasts
  5. Serve as a thought-leader, course instructor and/or workshop speaker
  6. Start a Virtual Chapter
  7. Be a Community Leader

Forecast & Outlook

Industry analyst predict that black enterprise, will have a difficult come back with out community support. In this article from WXII News, discuss action items that need to be addressed for economic sustainability in the black community.

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Grounded in Biblical Principles

Although we are not a religious organization, we are definitely faith based. The entire concept of BNA is based on biblical principles, of being my sister and brothers keeper. We know that when rain fall in someone's life, it is GOD that cause the increase. Having faith through adversity adheres one's ability to overcome all obstacles.

Industry Disruption

Not only do we need to change the way black owned businesses conduct business in their communities, we also need to change the way referral organization conduct it's business as well. BNA have a way for members to leverage time, energy and resources, by combining forces in away that stimulate positive outcomes for everyone involved. The current model of referral organizations do not always have favorable outcomes for minority members, either by structure, design or sometime indifference. Either way, BNA have right sized the referral network industry, with our technique, approach and platform.
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More is Better, Not Less

If a black owned business is thriving and doing well, you might ask why do I need BNA, but the true question is, how can other black owned businesses benefit from you belonging to our network. When black owned businesses do well, they can use their influence to help generate more business for black business owners and establishments, by building the discretionary spending power in the black community it stimulates more economic growth for all of us.

Leveraging Technology

BNA uses an advance state of the art system, for it's members to use, that speeds up progress, with less burden to business build. Large social networking events and Chamber mixers we feel are counter-productive. True relationship building comes from one-on-one sessions, real bonding is formed in the trenches of developing something special together, there are many studies that confirms this fact. We believe going forward more people will make real connections digitally around the corner or around the country. It starts with joining BNA.

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Toll Free: 1 844 533-7432
Local Office: 1 (810) 471-4796


3405 Creekwood Dr
Saginaw, MI. 48601